Corporate Training

Be smart.

There’s a lot to learn at work. Important stuff about health and safety, compliance and best practice needs to be grasped. But whose heart doesn’t sink when you are given a training manual or plunked in front of an overhead projector? With TouchCast, educating and developing staff is a walk in the park. Make your team smarter with Smart Video and they will enjoy learning in their own time.
Be smart, with TouchCast.


Nothing missing. Nothing missed.

Motivate your workforce to advance to the next level.

An engaged workforce is a smart workforce, and there is no more engaging way to train your team than with Smart Video.

  • Pack multiple training videos into each Smart Video.
  • Deliver instruction materials such as PDFs, assessment websites, polls, quizzes and other videos through TouchCast.
  • Engage employees with compelling, visually attractive training videos they can interact with while they watch.
  • Oversee their progress and track their interactions with the instruction materials using advanced analytics and heatmaps.

Lower training costs, improve results.

Compress the time and expense it takes for your workforce to learn new skills. By providing lectures and course material through Smart Video, employees can learn at their own pace from anywhere. And there is no limit to the size of each classroom. Leverage your best instructors across more of your workforce.

  • Train sales people on the latest offerings, and include sales collateral.
  • Develop managers with videos customized to each department.
  • Explain corporate processes such as expense reporting and benefits reimbursement.
  • Show recruiters how to message consistently to job candidates.
  • Demonstrate new branding guidelines to marketers and designers.
  • Educate everyone on regulatory compliance and HR policies.

Engage employees with Smart Video.

Make workforce training more engaging with interactive Smart Video—and measure the results.

Create training videos filled with engaging learning material.

  • Create visually engaging training videos.
  • Each Smart Video is a container for hours worth of training information.
  • Insert multiple videos into one or create branching videos with step-by-step instructions.
  • Include quizzes, polls, and assessment websites.
  • Live stream your training session.
  • Secure private hosting for all videos.

Teach a distributed workforce through interactive webinars.

  • Bring everyone into a virtual classroom.
  • Share presentations, documents, and learning media to all participants.
  • Illustrate key points on a digital whiteboard.
  • Annotate any document or image.
  • Broadcast to the whole company.
  • Secure, private hosting for all recorded webinars.

Example: Product tutorial (Credit Suisse HOLT).

Example: Employee tutorial (Illuminate Development).

In this simple tutorial, Illuminate Development goes over its expense and reimbursement policies in a step-by-step guide.

Although the video is less than 5 minutes, it is packed with useful information about travel and expense reimbursement—including the full expense policy available in PDF form, an interactive questionnaire to test employees’ knowledge of the policy, a video showing them how to fill out an expense form, and links to approved travel websites.