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A virtual meeting room where up to 12 people can work together and brainstorm in one space, no matter where in the world they are.


Share documents, photos, videos and live web content. Everyone’s able to interact with what’s on their screen and draw on it.


With one tap, you can broadcast your session to your team, your company, or the entire planet. And everyone watching can engage.

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Beautiful meetings.

TeamTime transforms the way we work. How creativity is sparked. How we bring the best ideas to life. This is how meetings were meant to be: Efficient, harmonious and beautiful​ with Smart Video at its core.

Transform the way you communicate.

TeamTime video conferencing lets anyone in a session add content or interact with files, videos and web pages shared by others. Everyone can contribute their own ideas—making it feel like everyone is in the same room.

Built for teams to collaborate seamlessly.

With TeamTime, have natural conversations in one space, no matter where in the world you are. Share documents, video and live web content with as few or as many team members as you wish. Your screen is like a whiteboard. Write and draw on it to communicate your ideas.

With TeamTime, everyone feels like they are in the same room, poring over the same documents, and brainstorming on one, connected, digital whiteboard.

  • Smart video conferencing.
  • Up to 12 presenters, unlimited viewers.
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions.
  • Everyone can bring files and web pages onto the screen.
  • Real-time, endless whiteboard.
  • Boost engagement with interactive video.
  • Can be viewed anywhere on desktop or mobile.
  • Moderated chat functionality for all viewers.
  • Record and archive.
  • Secure video streaming and sharing.
  • Viewer tracking and analytics.
  • No Ads.

TeamTime features:

  • Smart video conferencing. Viewers can interact with everything shared in a TeamTime session: web pages, videos, documents and photos.
  • Smart Video streaming makes it easy to collaborate only with your team or broadcast to the entire company.
  • Real-time, collaborative whiteboard. Watch as your colleagues draw on the screen.
  • Share your ideas inside 1080 HD video, so you get your message across crisply and clearly
  • Fast-start for each session – no fuss!
  • Up to 12 participants in each TeamTime, with an unlimited number of viewers.
  • Sophisticated presenter controls, including ability to mute all and let team members take over the screen.
  • Viewers can participate via chat.
  • Includes secure storage, hosting, and streaming via the TouchCast Video Fabric.
  • Every TeamTime session can be recorded for sharing later.
  • All files shared during a session are stored inside the video for easy retrieval later.
  • Watch across mobile (iPad, iPhone) and desktop devices (web browsers).

We’re trusted by major companies like Unilever, BBC, Pfizer and WPP to put Smart Video at the heart of communications.

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