Welcome to the Smart Video revolution, with TouchCast.


With TouchCast Studio, you have the power of a high-end TV studio at your fingertips. Record a video and edit it – all on your iPad.


You control how you share your videos – send a recording or stream it live, either privately to your team, or publicly to millions.


Show colleagues and customers exactly what you mean — whether it’s to pitch a new idea, present research, train co-workers, or inspire the team.

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Experience TouchCast Studio for yourself. Contact us to arrange a demo, or download the free, public version to give it a spin.


TouchCast is bringing the Smart Video revolution to live streaming.

All the great features of TouchCast Studio are now available for live video. For the first time ever, viewers can interact with any shared content without leaving the stream, increasing engagement. With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, you can stream privately inside your organization, measure audience interactions with advanced video analytics, and moderate comments.

TouchCast Smart Live Video means no more boring webinars. . . and no more dumb live streaming.

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Creating video was never so easy.

Deliver your message with confidence. Present your ideas visually. Draw directly on the video to make your point. Place yourself in any location, or inside a virtual set. Engage viewers with interactive elements on the screen. All with a few taps of the screen.

Unleash the power
of Smart Video.

In a world first, you can place anything from the web or any file inside the video—images, documents, polls, web pages, even other videos. Viewers can interact and engage with it all inside the TouchCast.

TC Smart Screen

If your communications look sloppy and amateur, so do you. Studio allows you to produce video just like a professional, using only a mobile device. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro.
  • Broadcast live to your team or the whole company.
  • Boost engagement with interactive video.
  • Can be viewed anywhere on desktop or mobile.
  • Add titles, watermarks, filters, and sound effects.
  • Custom branding and watermarks.
  • Include polls, surveys, and other interactive graphics.
  • Embeddable on any web page.
  • Record and archive.
  • Secure video streaming and sharing.
  • Viewer tracking and analytics.
  • No Ads.

Companion apps.

Extend the capabilities of TouchCast Studio with our family of companion apps.

Control TouchCast Studio on your iPad from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Start recording remotely... adjust the speed of the scrolling script... add interactive graphics… bring titles on screen.


Use your iPhone as an extra camera for TouchCast Studio. Create multiple camera angles or switch between different presenters, each using the TouchCast Camera app on their iPhone.


Run a feed from your Mac into TouchCast Studio. Project everything on your laptop or desktop screen into your video, even commentate on what you’re screen sharing


TouchCast Studio features:

  • Add interactive documents, videos, photos, web pages, maps, quizzes and polls
  • Instantly place yourself in any setting—insert any photo or video into the background
  • Place yourself in 3-D virtual sets with multiple camera views, video graphics, and music
  • Read from a scrolling script on-screen—you'll see it but your audience won't!
  • Add easy-to-create titles, text and broadcast graphics
  • Draw or write directly on the video by turning the screen into a whiteboard
  • Customize the TouchCast video player to fit your brand and embed it on your website
  • Choose how you appear on-screen – with full-screen, split-screen and silhouette modes
  • Direct and switch multiple cameras in realtime like a director in a control room
  • Trim and edit your videos professionally, add transitions and titles. It's drag-and-drop simple!
  • Apply a soundtrack or sound effects to your video
  • Add photo-style filters to your video – they look fantastic!
  • Watch the background scene you've placed yourself in remain still as you move, with our world-first green-screen stabilization feature
  • Unprecedented data insights into how your viewers engage with video and what interests them

We’re trusted by major companies like Unilever, BBC, Pfizer and WPP to put Smart Video at the heart of communications.

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