Sales Enablement

Be persuasive.

You’re good at sales. Really good. But it’s hard, isn’t it? Hard to get in a room with the right people. Hard to perfect your pitch. The last thing you want is to be fumbling around to showcase your case studies, or find supporting documents. With TouchCast, you’ll never be better prepared for sales. Easily create a video that becomes a container for all the collateral you need to close the deal.
Be persuasive, with TouchCast.


They'll see your point.

Empower your sales team with Smart Video.

  • Speak directly to a distributed salesforce. Give them a high-level briefing and their sales assets all in one place.
  • Equip your sales team with video communications tools that customers cannot ignore.
  • Staff can impress clients during meetings by presenting pre-recorded sales enablement videos and assets via any browser or an iPad, or present visual assets remotely via TeamTime.

Impress your clients.

Open more doors, close more deals.

  • Smart Video is a better way to communicate with customers either before a meeting or as a follow-up with a clear message and assets that can easily be circulated across the customer’s organization.
  • Measure and optimize each element in every message with advanced Smart Video Analytics, including video heat maps and hooks to marketing automation tools like Salesforce’s Pardot.
  • Smart Video gives you real-time visibility on the effectiveness of every pitch.

Track engagement with video heat maps.

Connect to customers with the most engaging content.

  • With Smart Video, sales teams can provide the most relevant content and messaging to each prospect. They can send PDF one-sheets, website links, and other videos all inside the TouchCast.
  • Customers can explore brochures and targeted landing pages inside each Smart Video.
  • Present to customers in more flexible and authentic ways. Smart videos can be modular, assembled quickly, and personalized-so the right message goes to the right person.

If your communications look sloppy and amateur, so do you. Studio allows you to produce video just like a professional using a mobile device. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Let them see your body language
  • Share supporting documents, web pages, and other media inside the video
  • Take prospects deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Add lower-third titles, watermarks, and custom branding
  • Include polls, surveys, and other interactive graphics
  • Embeddable on any web page
  • Stream live to a broader audience.

Example: Sales enablement (Pearson).

Educational publisher Pearson uses TouchCast to communicate visually with sales account managers and brief them on the company's latest offers and sales collateral. With TouchCast, they can show their salesforce new email campaigns and the exact flow on the website those lead to, as well as PDF one-sheets. The salesforce can click through to the website or sales collateral inside the Smart Video.