Be impactful.

If ineffective ways to market your product or services were a line, it would be out the door and round the block. Grabbing attention without spending a lot of money is really tough. Capturing imaginations is almost impossible. It’s just too easy to swipe or click away. With TouchCast, creating a captivating video is a total breeze – and with interaction rates north of 50 percent, customers will be lining up to see what you have to offer.
Be impactful with TouchCast.


Make a lasting impression.

Show. Don't tell.

Consumers are barraged with information every day. Show them why they should pay attention with Smart Video that turns them into customers.

  • Engage your audience at a deeper, more human level
  • Each Smart Video is a container for more media
  • Walk consumers through your brand journey without losing them along the way
  • With TouchCast, what you say not only stands out from the crowd but it also stays in people’s minds.

Whether it’s content marketing to consumers or direct marketing to business decision makers, TouchCast will help promote your brand and generate demand.

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Take viewers deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Customize videos to different target audiences
  • Create interactive calls-to-action inside each video
  • Measure which viewers are the most engaged
  • Integrate with marketing automation tools like Pardot
  • Stream live to a global audience.

Example: B2B marketing (Splunk).

Several companies such as Splunk have embraced TouchCast to transform the way they do B2B marketing, whether it's to encourage the download of a document, prompt an enquiry about a product or service, capture email addresses, or simply inspire.

Example: Content marketing (Axa Research Fund).

Brands are now publishers and content producers. Many are finding that short-form videos are an effective way to deliver a strong brand message in a way that consumers find more appealing. In this short-form Smart Video, Axa Research explains how what we eat can impact water resources.

The high production quality keeps viewers watching, but they can dive deeper into the interactive content that interests them. Axa was able to measure interaction rates to see what content drove the most interest and how long viewers remained browsing the immersive video. Production credit: Coasthouse Productions.