Hands-on Learning

Be creative.

Help your students learn with creative hands-on projects in the classroom. Give them meaningful educational experiences with Smart Video. Working on iPads, they can collaborate in groups to document and present their work or produce school newscasts. Teachers can use TouchCast for school communications, flipped learning, and engaging, interactive video lectures.
Be creative with TouchCast.

We have a mission -
to support education reform in public schools

by giving students deeper learning experiences. We are all aware of the many challenges that the public education system is facing. At TouchCast, we have the opportunity to impact the millions of children that go to school every day. With the constant digital stimulation around us, engaging with this YouTube generation has never been more difficult. Young people today are drawn to the world of online broadcasting and wish to communicate through video with their local and global community. By supporting their natural communication habits, we are helping to create an environment in which they learn by doing. Hundreds of thousands of students create TouchCast Smart Videos in their classrooms every week—and they have fun doing it.

We are thrilled to support students and teachers, who work so hard with so few resources. Our objective is to improve their lives and education—which is why we make TouchCast Studio available for free to anyone in the public school system. We are fortunate enough to be able to pursue our social mission while we continue to build a vibrant business serving the world’s largest and most progressive companies.

Meaningful hands-on learning experiences.

With TouchCast, students learn actively, engage in hands-on projects in the classroom, and produce interactive videos to document and present their learning. The pre-production work to create a touchcast involves research, planning, writing, acting, directing, filming and editing. Students work in teams and collaborate within and outside their classrooms. Media Literacy, and global citizenship are acquired by the students while they are having fun, and telling digital stories. Tens of thousands of educators use TouchCast to engage students across many subjects; STEAM, ELA, Foreign language, Social Studies, Music, and many others can benefit from our easy-to-use video production tools, including green-screen support and built-in teleprompter. Download TouchCast Studio FREE app for educators.

Engaging flipped learning videos.

Flipped-classroom teachers and blended-learning educators were the earliest pioneers to adopt TouchCast and utilize it for their progressive teaching. They create engaging interactive videos for their students, and include supplemental materials in their Smart Videos, such as websites, images, PDF’s, other videos, polls and quizzes, to enrich their students’ experience and allow for formative assessment throughout the viewing.

Get inspired by our innovative ambassadors.

TouchCast is proud to introduce our Ambassadors Program for the third year that features over thirty innovative educators around the world. Our ambassadors embrace TouchCast to teach their students deeper learning and are role models in the progressive education community. They train and present TouchCast to thousands of teachers globally. We salute our ambassadors and are inspired by them every day.

Check out our ambassadors inspiring touchcasts.

Connect with parents, faculty and students.

School communications is at the heart of Touchcast Creation. Thousands of classrooms create a daily school newscast, using TouchCast’s Virtual News Studio theme to share current events and activities with their community. Administrators use TouchCast to update and brief their faculty before and after meetings. Principals and teachers create engaging videos to reach out to parents and tell them about their children’s learning activities.

With TouchCast Studio you can easily produce online video lectures just like a professional, using only a mobile device, integrating any teaching materials inside your video. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Let them see your body language
  • Share documents inside the video
  • Take students deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Livestream your interactive video lecture to students
  • Share your recorded video lecture with students

Engaging with the YouTube generation.

TouchCast educator's guide.

By Dr. Ayelet Segal


Awards & conferences.

We are regularly invited to educational technology conferences where we receive numerous awards for the best teaching and learning video platform.