Be effective.

TouchCast takes eLearning to a new level of engagement and education outcomes. Professors can now communicate visually and build more personal relationships with their students. While students around the world can more easily collaborate in teams, work on group projects, and learn together.
Be effective with TouchCast.


Collaborate visually.

Transformative eLearning

With TouchCast, you can have natural conversations with your students, even if they are scattered halfway across the world.. Share documents, videos and live web content with as few or as many of your students as you wish, for virtual one-on-ones or whole online classes. Your screen is a whiteboard. Communicate your ideas.

No matter where your students are, with TouchCast TeamTime they can all learn together on a shared whiteboard, with shared documents, web pages, and videos. TeamTime gives them tools to have effective, live group discussions. Professors can easily share their knowledge and learning materials visually in realtime, or record it.

  • Smart Video conferencing and webinars
  • Documents, web pages, illustrations, and videos can be shared through the screen
  • Collaborative learning sessions
  • Draw on the real-time, endless whiteboard
  • Stream the session live to online students anywhere in the world
  • Up to 12 presenters, and thousands of viewers

Produce together.

With TouchCast Studio you can easily produce online video lectures just like a professional, using only a mobile device, integrating any teaching materials inside your video. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Let them see your body language
  • Share documents inside the video
  • Take students deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Live Stream your interactive video lecture to students
  • Share your recored video lecture with students

Students’ interactive video projects.

With TouchCast, students produce engaging interactive video for their online courses; document their research, present a final paper, collaborate on a group project, and create their video resume (vSume).

Professors’ interactive video lectures.

With TouchCast, professors easily produce interactive video lectures that engage their students. You can create an introduction for a course, a rich video session that includes learning materials that students can explore, or a personalized, grading touchcast that bridges the gap between professors and their students.

Engaging with the YouTube generation.

TouchCast educator's guide.

By Dr. Ayelet Segal


Awards & conferences.

We are regularly invited to educational technology conferences where we receive numerous awards for the best teaching and learning video platform.