Be memorable.

At work there are always important updates to your product, strategy, and culture that everyone needs to understand. But saying it in an email nearly always falls flat. With TouchCast, you can have a human conversation with everyone in your organization that is guaranteed to sink in.
Be memorable, with TouchCast.


Working face-to-face.
Seeing eye-to-eye.

Get your message across.

We’re stuck on email. Boxed in by meetings that take too long. Frustrated by conference calls with people talking over each other and everyone struggling to find links and documents to open. TouchCast is a unique video platform built to make communication at work human again. Conversations using TouchCast are natural. They capture your imagination. No detail is ever missed. It’s like you’re always in the same room as your colleagues or clients, even if you’re thousands of miles apart. And what’s said and done stays in people’s mind. Better conversations make you better at work.


Better conversations.

Clearer communications.

TouchCast is a more captivating way to communicate with your workforce so that everyone is on the same page. Perfect for all internal communications, including:

  • Company-wide announcements
  • Sharing market research and presentations
  • Explaining a change in HR policy
  • Previewing a new marketing campaign
  • Updating the team on your product roadmap
  • Broadcasting live, interactive, town hall meetings

Whether it’s for company-wide announcements, team collaboration, or one-to-one communications, nothing is as clear, effective and engaging as TouchCast Smart Video.


Thought leadership.

If you’re a leader, you stand out in your field for a good reason. You are trusted. You want to answer the biggest questions, turn ideas into reality and show others how they can replicate your success. Of course, the best way to do this is to be in the same room as someone, to reach out to them, look into their eyes. Let them experience your magic! But in large enterprises with widely dispersed teams and networks, this is impossible. With TouchCast, getting close to your audience, wherever they are, couldn’t be simpler. Create an engaging video or, better still, live stream it.
Be inspiring, with TouchCast.

With TeamTime, everyone feels like they are in the same room, poring over the same documents, and brainstorming on one, connected, digital whiteboard.

  • Smart video conferencing
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions
  • Everyone can bring files and web pages onto the screen
  • Real-time, endless whiteboard
  • Broadcast the session to the broader team or the whole company

If your communications look sloppy and amateur, so do you. Studio allows you to produce video just like a professional using a mobile device. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Let them see your body language
  • Share supporting documents inside the video
  • Take viewers deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Livestream your interactive video

Example: Workforce development (Barclays LifeSkills).

Barclays created a Smart Video for its LifeSkills program aimed at young people to get the skills they need for a better future. LifeSkills helps students and graduates entering the workforce with job-hunting, interviewing, and social skills.

In this interactive video, the viewer can see what it’s like on the first day of work through the eyes of a new, young employee. The branching video allows LifeSkills participants to dive deeper into select topics to reinforce learning or read more background information on topics such as “Proactivity,” “Resilience,” and “Why you should consider learning how to code.”

Of course, TouchCast Analytics showed Barclays which topics LifeSkills participants clicked on the most, providing valuable feedback on which areas to focus on.

Example: Celebrating diversity in Fintech (Innovate Finance).