Transform your company's communications with TouchCast. Make them more expressive, more memorable, and more human.

TouchCast. The Smart Video Revolution

What is Smart Video?

At the core of TouchCast are Smart Videos. What makes video smart? Tools to create and stream video that are blissfully simple to use. The means for any file to be shared inside video. Interactive elements that make them more engaging. The ability to collaborate with your team anywhere in the world. The fact you make a big impression. Immediately.

Discover why Smart Video is transforming communications inside global enterprises.

TC Smart Screen

TouchCast is bringing the Smart Video revolution to live streaming.

All the great features of TouchCast Studio are now available for live video. For the first time ever, viewers can interact with any shared content without leaving the stream, increasing engagement. With TouchCast’s Smart Live Video, you can stream privately inside your organization, measure audience interactions with advanced video analytics, and moderate comments.

TouchCast Smart Live Video means no more boring webinars. . . and no more dumb live streaming.

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We’re trusted by major companies like Unilever, BBC, Pfizer and WPP to put Smart Video at the heart of communications.

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You can create a broadcast-quality video in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea. How smart is that?

Edo Segal
TouchCast CEO

Create. Broadcast. Communicate.

With TouchCast Studio, you have a full-blown TV studio at your fingertips. Use the green-screen feature to place yourself against a background or inside content. Or step inside a virtual set. Read from a scrolling script. Add titles. Annotate. Record your video, edit it, and share securely. Livestream it privately to a small group, the whole company, or publicly to the entire world.

This is smart video creation, where broadcasting is easy.

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Beautiful meetings. Anywhere.

With TeamTime, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room as your team members, wherever they are in the world. See each other. Collaborate as you share and interact with content. Use the screen as a whiteboard. Invite viewers to watch your session live, or record it and share later.

This is smart video conferencing, where real collaboration happens.

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Internal Communications

Be memorable.

At work there’s always important stuff that needs to be said. About your product, strategy, culture. But saying it in an email nearly always falls flat. You can’t get the tone right. You can’t write it like you’d say it. With TouchCast, you can have a natural conversation with everyone in your organization. Create engaging video with tools so simple to use that what you say is guaranteed to sink in.
Be memorable, with TouchCast.



Be impressive.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pitching an idea, presenting a concept or reporting on a big project, you always need to impress. Passing around a deck just doesn’t cut it. Where’s the expression and human touch in a bunch of slides? With TouchCast, you can make pitches, presentations and reports come to life. Create engaging video with tools so simple to use that what you want to convey makes a big splash.
Be impressive, with TouchCast.



Be impactful.

If ineffective ways to market your product or services were a line, it would be out the door and round the block. Grabbing attention without spending a lot of money is really tough. Capturing imaginations is almost impossible.
It’s just too easy to swipe or click away. With TouchCast, creating a captivating video is a total breeze – and with interaction rates north of 50 percent, customers will be lining up to see what you have to offer.
Be impactful with TouchCast.


Corporate Training

Be smart.

When you left school or college you didn’t expect to go back to a classroom. But there’s a lot to learn at work. Important stuff about health and safety, compliance and best practice needs to be grasped. But whose heart doesn’t sink when you get given a training manual or sat in front of an overhead projector? With TouchCast, educating and developing staff is a walk in the park. Create an engaging video and your team will enjoy learning in their own time.
Be smart, with TouchCast.


Thought Leadership

Be inspiring.

If you’re a leader, you want to answer the biggest questions, and turn ideas into reality. Of course, the best way to do this is to be in the same room as someone, to reach out to them, look into their eyes. Let them experience your magic! But in large enterprises with widely dispersed teams and networks, this is impossible. With TouchCast, getting close to your audience, wherever they are, couldn’t be simpler. Create an engaging video or, better still, live stream it.
Be inspiring, with TouchCast